The future of photography is here, folks.

Actually, it’s been here for awhile…

That gadget is the Alpine Labs Spark.

If you’re not familiar with Spark, just check out the video below for a great introduction to it.

In short, Spark is the best camera remote on the market. Not only is it a tiny little thing – which makes it super easy to carry wherever you go, but it’s loaded with tons of features to help you take better photos.

And by features, I don’t mean flash-in-the-pan gimmicky technologies. Instead, I mean this thing can really, truly help you elevate your game. Here’s how…

Trigger Spark Three Ways

They say that variety is the spice of life, and Alpine Labs too that to heart when they created Spark.

Not only can you use it as an infrared remote, you can also plug it into your camera to use as a wired remote.

Best of all, you can trigger Spark using the accompanying smartphone app. When I head out to shoot, I set up my gear, have a seat, and have complete control over what my camera is doing, all without looming over the camera shot after shot.

In other words, Spark is ready to go, no matter the occasion.

Spark is Incredibly Versatile

Even better than having a ton of different ways to trigger Spark, the device helps you create better photos in a variety of ways.

You can use it to dial in a long exposure to capture the movement of clouds, water, and other elements in a landscape shot.

You can also use it as a timer remote to snag fun portraits of your family or friends. And as I mentioned earlier, with its infrared capabilities, you can be in those group photos, too!

Spark will tackle HDR photography as well, bracketing exposures to help compensate for tough lighting situations that result in too much dynamic range.

On top of all that, Spark is also an ideal companion for time-lapse videos (more on that next).

It’s Not Just for Still Photos

I was never much for time-lapse photography because my intervalometers were not reliable and you needed a Ph.D. to figure out how to use them.

Imagine my joy when Spark came along with its time-lapse video presets that allow me to set up and create a video in no time flat.

In fact, using my phone, I can select from different presets for different time-lapse subjects, making it even easier to get my time-lapse going.

Of course, Spark also lets you set specific parameters if you like, such as the interval between shots (which you can even do without a phone), the duration of the shoot, a time delay, and even bulb ramping.

In other words, Spark isn’t just a one-trick photography pony. Instead, it’ll open up new worlds of time-lapse videography, too.

It’s Small, Too!

If you’re like me, you have a ton of gear.

Adding yet another item to your camera bag means that’s just one more thing you have to find room for to carry.

However, Spark is just a tiny thing, weighing 0.75 ounces. It has a small form factor, too, so you can literally carry it in your pocket.

Even in such a small package, you still get over 2,000 hours of battery life, thanks in part to a self-induced sleep mode when it’s been inactive for awhile.

So, Spark is powerful and versatile, yet doesn’t take up any room in your camera bag.

Add to that the fact that it’s priced right, and you have the makings of the ultimate photography gadget that is sure to completely change your photography for the better.

I’m telling you – after a few months working with Spark, I’m convinced that it’s the future of photography!